About Us

Fedora is a writer, poet, and lover. She has been sharing her world via words for over six years. She is what every mature woman strives to become, desired by many but only belongs to one. She owns her destiny and knows where she is going.

Fedora liberates her audience, by challenging them to discover and live out the desires of their hearts, by sharing my journey through words. Now she has added ways for you to take her words home via customized products. She continues to create and maintain an intimate relationship with her followers.

This year Fedora offers even more for her followers:

Fedora’s Closet

Exclusive handmade bags, pillows, and accessories.

Fedora Loves Graphic Design

Full service graphic design for business cards, websites, flyers, book covers, cd covers, and social media campaigns.

Fedora Gifts

Customized journals, cups, pillows and gifts featuring Fedora’s Poetry.

We stand behind the quality of our products. We also make it easy to buy with payment plans and specials.

Our History

Fedora Loves Poetry blog started in 2015. It features stories, poems, and now a podcast. Fedora has created a place where you can come to see yourself in her creative pieces. Now we are extending this to products and services to help you spread your love and joy with the world.

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