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I Care For You Latte Mug by Fedora

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Devin Bags Craft Stitches - Fedora's Closet

Hand Crafted Bags by Craft Stitches

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Handmade exclusive items. Only one of each item is made. No one else will have the same bag.

Duffle Bags

Fedora Just Some of My Thoughts Podcast

Just Some of My Thoughts… Podcast

Just some of my thoughts… Relationship Choices Fedora's Just Some of My Thoughts… PodCast

Fedora talks about her relationship choices and how they influenced her intimate relationships. Lovers, friends with benefits, life partner, and husband. How did she end up in some of those sticky spots with men. Was is them? Was it her? Find out in this episode. This episode is also available as a blog post: — Send in a voice message:

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